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We need to find a new way of teaching which incorporates the old way and the new way so that our mob can feel proud of themselves, our culture and love of the land. – Uncle Bob Randell

This statement alone holds a lot of power and encourages a solid foundation to keep an open mind and learn something new.

Sarra inc is part of sharing the knowledge and stories that impart insight into a fascinating and important component of indigenous culture, both past and present. Being that we have a talent for the arts, this is our core focus.

Indigenous art is a written language that serves a purpose beyond aesthetics. In the traditional sense, it was a way of recording and transferring important information from one generation to another. It can give us insight into a people and their surrounding environment.

Workshops are tailored to suit the audience and are inclusive of a variety of delivery options. Topics are centred around, but not limited to subjects like:

  • Past, present and future
  • People animals and environment
  • Art techniques and purpose
  • Symbols of story telling
  • Indigenous art as a written language
  • My identity and what that means

We cover all age groups from kindy through to year 12, as well as organisations or groups outside of a school environment.

The workshops are designed to allow the students to have a sense of ownership to the knowledge they receive and it is my hope that this in turn is shared with others. This will then follow the footprint of indigenous culture in empowering an attitude to share, care and respect people of all cultures and the environment that surrounds us.

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Sarra Inc Today

  • So here it is all finished. The Emerald skate park was in a bad way. With many expert crack repairs done it was ready for a #newlook. The design is based off an ariel view of pastural lands off an old map from the area. The biggest challenge was getting the design off a flat page and overlaid on to a 3D surface. I reckon we nailed it. Huge thanks to Mick (not on Facebook), Aaron Henderson for welcoming us and your positive feedback, and Central Highlands Regional Council for hosting us and last but not least, the skate and scooter community for supporting us on this unique project. 👍🏽
@chrcouncil .
#skateboard #skatepark #emerald #newlook #skateboardmag #skatetricks #scooter #getnewlook
  • Big day but getting close. 
#skate skateboard #skatepark #skateparkart #sarrainc #bigday #centralhighlandscouncil
  • Got the approval of the locals! Thumbs up all round. Working and talking with community is what it’s all about.
@zak_beard4 @_connor_ellery_  @jeremy_williams04 @coreynunan @chrcouncil 
#skatecommunity #skatepark #skatemates #newlook #scooters #skateboard #nochewinggum
  • Freezing cold start in Emerald this morning. This place will start to look a little different when I’m finished with it. 👩‍🎨 #skateparks #emerald #newlook
  • Colour experimenting for an upcoming project to be revealed next week at CIAF. 
@ciafcairns @greyhandpress
  • Working with @greyhandpress to produce some more limited edition lithograph works. Very excited for this one....more to come.
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